Metallic Power Bank


Give your brand a boost with our Metallic Power Bank! This practical product has a 2200mAh capacity and allows the user to charge up their phone or device when out and about. The device takes two hours to fully charge, ready for use, and it can be branded to all four sides (at extra cost). Supplied in a card gift box with charger leads included.
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  25 €10.77 €269.25
  50 €8.03 €401.50
  100 €7.70 €770.00
  250 €7.50 €1,875.00
  500 €7.43 €3,715.00

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Lieferzeit: 12 Wochen
Verfügbare Farben: schwarz, blau, Silber
Impressum Größe: 60 x 14mm

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