Promotional Ideas
 Use promotional pens as business cards...
Pens are always welcome. They are often just what it takes for a salesperson to get by the receptionist.
 Create store traffic on slow days.
Put an ad in your local newspaper or in your front window and offer a free gift just for coming in, or with a purchase.
 Create an Impression
Each time someone picks up a pen with your slogan, it makes an impression on his or her mind. One promotional pen can create thousands of impressions in its lifetime.
 Remind customers to reorder...
Place a promotional product near the bottom of their box of merchandise. You will create goodwill just when they are running out of your product.
 Draw attention to mail...
Put a promotional pen in your letters or statements to attract attention to your mail. The bulk feeling of the envelope will increase curiosity and make your letter stand out.
 Increase your company's image...
Promotional clothing specially imprinted with your company name will bring added prestige to you and your company.
 Attract new customers...
Simply hand promotional pens out to your prospective customers, and you will immediately see the smile of gratitute and signal a closer bond of friendship with your prospect.
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